Malone vs Ruby

In an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment of the United States, Dr. Robert Malone, the self-proclaimed inventor of the mRNA shot, has filed a $25 MILLION lawsuit of baseless, false accusations against Dr. Jane Ruby, that is believed to be his attempt to intimidate Dr. Ruby from reporting medical truth.

Dr. Robert W. Malone Files Complaint Against Dr. Jane Ruby

Filed October 30, 2022

The baseless, false accusations of Dr. Robert Malone, the self-proclaimed inventor of the mRNA shot, none of which, according to three law firms with whom I reviewed his accusations, reach any threshold of defamation. Read the details …

Dr. Jane Ruby Responds to Dr. Robert W. Malone

Filed June 12, 2023

It is legally required for the accused to respond to accusations to demonstrate the baselessness of the charges, here is where you see Dr Jane’s side of the story. Read the details …

Dr. Robert W. Malone Amends His Complaint Against Dr. Jane Ruby 

Filed June 29, 2023

After filing his initial Complaint, Malone revised his list of accusations to add in additional falsehoods. Read the details …

Dr. Robert W. Malone Fires Back With Attempt To Oppose Dr. Jane Ruby’s Motion To Dismiss

Filed July 27, 2023

After filing a revised Complaint and receiving Dr. Ruby’s Response, Malone continued on by filing his opposition to Dr. Ruby’s Motions to Dismiss, reiterating his blustering and false accusations. Read the details …

Dr. Jane Ruby Responds to Dr. Robert W. Malone’s Amended Complaint

Filed August 17, 2023

Dr. Ruby filed a Response to Malone’s Amended Complaint. Read the details …

Robert W. Malone vs Washington Post DISMISSAL

Filed September 29, 2023

In a stunning move in October 2023, the judge presiding over both Malone v Ruby and Malone v The Washington Post, dismisses Malone’s $50 million false defamation case against WAPO, without hearing motions on the filings. Furthermore on the last page, the judge warns Malone that if he brings any additional frivolous charges to the court, he would begin awarding legal fees to the defendants. Read the details …

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MALONE V RUBY: Malone Begs Court For More Time

In a stunning last moment move, Dr. Robert Malone, the self proclaimed inventor of the mRNA vaccines who filed a frivolous $25 million dollar lawsuit against Health Freedom Warrior, Dr. Jane Ruby, full of baseless accusations and lies.

Paul Alexander on Robert Malone, mRNA Technology & Medical Censorship

Paul Alexander discusses his experiences with Robert Malone and his opinion of Malone’s lawsuit against the Breggins and Dr. Jane. Alexander states Malone didn’t have the role he claims in developing mRNA.