Why is the President endorsing enemies within?

For 18 months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election Donald Trump fought back against the far Left, the corrupt Democratic party and the disloyal scum of the Republican party known as the GOP establishment. He immediately recognized that both sides of the political aisle were replete with snakes, jackals and vermin and he called them all out. He used linguistic kill shots as Scott Adams called them, vitriolic nicknames that stuck like super glue to call attention to their darkest characters. He called out the mainstream media for the fake news purveyors they are and told us that if we sent him to Washington he would “drain the swamp.”

And we understood that the swamp formed a Uni-party — the combination of elites on both sides of the aisle. The establishment GOP was just as Never Trump and complicit in attempts to kill his candidacy as any Democrat, Socialist, or other leftist. And we learned very quickly from watching Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell lead the party to cave to every leftist, politically correct, entitlement driven initiative that Obama wanted, that there is no difference between the establishment GOP and the Institutional Left and the Democrat-Media Complex cartel.

In 2016 the pro-Trump agenda voters went along with continuing the election of establishment candidates but that was more related to their evolving awakening to the reality that the swamp includes the establishment from both parties. The jig is up.

So now those same voters are asking why President Trump would endorse Never Trump establishment GOP candidates — the very people we sent him to Washington to annihilate? In the spring of this year President Trump endorsed Ed Gillespie, an establishment guy over Trump’s former Virginia State Campaign Director and loyalist, Corey Stewart. Gillespie, who never held office, was a Bush appointee, and hired every Never Trump he could find for his primary, was the quintessential swamp dweller.

Much to the surprise of the arrogant establishment, the primary results were so close that Gillespie just squeaked by — a precursor of things to come.

I have spoken to numerous people in the New Right, 2 former intelligence officers, and countless former Trump campaign staffers and volunteers. Some think he has had to make deals, or has been compromised in some way. Others think he is not getting truthful information and is being led to endorse candidates unwittingly. After my article, “Trump Loyalists — You’re Fired” and “Trump Supporters Need Not Apply: What happened to GreatAgain.gov?” some people came forward to tell me that with the President now surrounded by Democrat operatives and establishment GOP characters, he is unable to aggressively pursue his campaign agenda.

While none of them could conclusively establish why Trump is endorsing his enemies, they have told me that with each confusing endorsement, the President is expending political capital that may be irretrievable. The base is loyal and some without question, but many are beginning to tire of these about face moves.

Trump’s endorsement of yet another establishment candidate, Luther Strange, took not only his base by surprise, but it also stunned Strange according to some reports. Strange is running for AG Sessions’ former seat and against 2 other Republicans. One of them, Judge Roy Moore who is a Trump-agenda candidate, has a commanding lead.

If Moore beats Strange, it will prove that the Republican voters were serious about draining the swamp and destroying the establishment. And it will also show that they are not potted plants with a cultish loyalty to the President. They are loyal to the New Right principles and the movement to pull the United States back to its Constitutional glory.

Alabama is the next battleground in the New Right vs. The Establishment.

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