Trump Loyalists: You’re Fired!

Want to know why the Trump agenda is stalling? From the West Wing to the federal agencies to the White House volunteer corps — Trump loyalists are being gutted.

Trump loyalists can’t get in and those that have gotten in are being fired by the establishment/Democrat/Deep State take over.

My previous report, “Trump Supporters Need Not Apply” which was picked up by Gateway Pundit and Cerno News, exposed the suspicious deletion of the database that collected possibly hundreds of thousands of hopeful applicants.

That led to numerous interviews, many still ongoing, with Trump loyalists who are reporting that they were given temporary Administration positions while former Bush and Obama appointees were given permanent positions. These loyalists tell me that they are being gutted this month in what might be Head of Presidential Personnel Johnny Destefano’s last act. These loyalists, former campaign people and previous associates of the President, are being told by establishment or Obama holdovers now in management positions, that their jobs are over next week.

One source told me that his superior, a former campaign colleague in his state who had been a known Never Trump operative, was now in a high level appointment and ended up firing him. He added, “the loyalists still in there now know to keep their heads down and limit their expression of support for the President and his agenda.” Another staffer, recently fired without cause was told she was no longer needed by her superior who was unabashedly anti-Trump. Many of the remaining Trump loyalists have essentially been told to be quiet in exchange for the survival of their tenures.

“Apparently the best way to get appointed or keep your appointment,” said one former staffer, “is to be Never Trump or anti-Trump.”

Mike Cernovich, national security reporter, filmmaker, and best-selling author and founder of Cernovich Media and Cerno News, has been reporting for months about the deep state/establishment purge of high level Trump loyalists. And this investigation has uncovered that this practice, unfortunately, is happening throughout the entire Trump presidency.

The media is in collusion with this political cleansing of Trump loyalists. Recall the media jackals that attacked Steve Bannon, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, General Michael Flynn, and Anthony Scaramucci using fake or very personal information to create a negative smear, setting the stage for the eventual forced resignation or take down. Johnny Destefano was reportedly blocking Trump loyalists from jobs in the Treasure while at the same time hiring Hillary “mega donors.” Ask yourself why Gary Cohn and H.R. McMaster been able to publicly criticize the President and thrive in their positions? As one White House insider told me:

“Trump could fire these [establishment/Democratic operatives in a heartbeat if he wanted to but he doesn’t. He mysteriously tolerates them in spite of the fact that they are gutting his loyalists and publicly criticizing him and his policies. I wish I could understand why.”

Similarly, in the lower appointments and positions in the Administration these same tactics and the same mission are playing out. One of the reported tactics of the purge in federal agencies is doxxing Trump loyalists and digging into past issues of sensitivity, possibly as a means of intimidation. Far Left outlets like The Washington Post, Politico, and Newsweek are cranking out countless articles about the weaknesses in the Trump staffers to dig up anything potentially damaging and set the stage for the Trump dis-loyalists on the inside to do their dirty work.

In a recent WMD article a source was quoted to say, “It’s the revenge of the Washington establishment and it’s taking place inside the White House. When this is over Trump will have few real loyalists eager to implement his policies in the agencies and departments responsible.”

Mr. President you will need more than an occasional rally or witty tweet to keep your Presidency on track if you don’t stop the bleeding of loyalists in your administration. With the White House now infiltrated with RINOs and far left Democrats in personnel management, your agenda will suffer death by 1000’s of cuts. If this was a corporation you would have fired saboteurs and elevated those dedicated to your mission. Instead the establishment and Democrats, as the heads of your functions, are operatives steam rolling your closest allies and deepest loyalists.

Brace for impact: The September Massacre is about to hit.

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