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After this article was published on, Mirahmadi blocked me on Twitter and Medium was pressured to kill my article. Truth is a trap. 


Don’t shoot the messenger.

But someone has to ask why oh why the “People’s Sheriff” appears to have gotten himself deeply involved with a known sharia compliant muslim operative?

I too loved Sheriff Clarke’s bold and unapologetc America First statements through President Trump’s campaign and beyond.  There he was calling out the Obama years of cowtowing to foreign interests, hugging terrorists, damping down radical islamic terrorism and embracing thug groups like Black Lives Matter. How could we not fall in love with him?

After my first show on Dr. Jane’s DC (Cernovich Media) aired on November 16 where I interviewed Laura Loomer, the reporter who broke the story, I have received a great deal of feedback and consternation around this emerging topic and I was asked why Sheriff Clarke was being attacked. Let’s be clear – no one is attacking Sheriff Clarke – but more and more people are getting concerned about the company he’s keeping and providing access to some high level government officials.  They are also questioning whether this potentially troublesome connection was what precluded him from an official appointment in DHS.

Enter Hedieh Mirahmadi, President of the World Organization for Resource Development and Education [WORDE], a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing conflict between Muslim and Non-Muslim societies. Oh ok.

Since the summer of 2017 she has been Clarke’s constant companion, sporting a completely western appearance. Why the change if no religious conversion? Where is the concern for optics? As Vice-President Pence has explained, he never has dinner or is photographed alone with any woman other than his wife.

Loomer’s biggest concern was that Mirahmadi’s “partnership” with Clarke gained her entree to some of the most high level exclusive security and conservative cabals. Recently Mirahmadi and Clarke posted pictures on Twitter of her with Donald J. Trump, Jr. and Steve Bannon at private policy meetings.  What business does this former Obama administration consultant have attending exclusive conservative and security based meetings, including getting close to our President’s family? 


VIOLENT EXTREMISM and other distractors

She is a highly (US) educated self-proclaimed expert in “violent extremism.” I have a hard time with any terminology that mitigates the reality of Radical Islamic Terrorism.  For 8 years under Obama, we had these fake mitigating terms shoved down our throats while our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies were forced to purge their training and operational documents of anything related to “Islam.” Violent extremism, is a fake euphemism propagated to distract from the real threat as described in Ginni Thomas’ Daily Caller interview of NSC Rich Higgins: (  The very term makes my skin crawl and harkens back to the dark days of Obama who shuttled MB operatives in and out of our beloved White House like thousands of eager preschoolers at Disney Land. And who could forget AG Loretta Lynch’s declaration that she would initiate investigations for “hate crimes“ on anyone using the term radical Islamic terrorism or referring to Islam in a way that was connected to terrorism? That was a time when the world was upside down and we cannot revert to that.

Language is important. It is a precursor to culture change. Change the way people speak or write about something and you will change the way people view it. Recall that, in tandem with President Trump on the campaign trail, Clarke always emphasized the term radical islamic terrorism to identify the enemy:

What caught my eye had nothing to do with muslims, missing wedding bands, or conservative meetings. What drove my antennae up to the ceiling was Sheriff Clarke’s recent public use of the term “violent extremism” and “extremism” in place of and in the absence of radical islamic terrorism. Remember – if you can’t name the enemy, you cannot defeat it.


Mirahmadi, not withstanding her impressive educational credentials, is peddling the notion that “moderate islam” does not lead to a caliphate, without one shred of evidence to support her statement.She also touts herself as a great protectorate of the US Homeland. Until recently she appeared to be living a sharia-compliant life always shrouded in hajibs and draped in full body garments.  I’ve always had a difficult time buying that someone with a longterm indoctrination by an extremist ideology like sharia law can ever really cross over to its opposite. It’s just hard to believe that there’s an epiphany so compelling to lure her from her roots.


An innocent connection? Look further.

Hedieh Mirahmadi defends Adnan Syed, a visibly-shariah-adherent Muslim man who murdered his girlfriend in 1999 in what has been described as an “honor killing,” a term used in Islam to justify oppression and violence against women by familial men who are legally free to beat or murder them for breaking sharia law.  Here’s an example of how incompatible sharia law is with the US culture and laws . Chaudry worked to get him freed. In this very recent tweet, Mirahmadi is calling on Allah to set him free from his life sentence.


Until recently, she was never seen out of a hajib with all of her hair covered while she was gaining more and more access to conservative and security meetings including Steve Bannon and Donald J. Trump Jr. As her access increased, credited to her newfound connection to Sheriff Clarke, she became more western looking in her appearance. She has not announced any conversion out of Islam so how does a sharia adherent show her full hair and arms & legs openly in public on TV and in print?

As Mirahmadi has become Sheriff Clarke’s constant companion, he himself has described  her in an article written by Bice ( this way:  “She’s been an invaluable partner, business partner for me,” Clarke said on the radio show. He added: “She knows where all the land mines are.”  What a frightening analogy for a sharia proponent.

When I interviewed controversial journalist Laura Loomer on Dr. Jane’s DC on November 16th she expressed concern about Mirahmadi’s possible hidden role as a “honey trap” an intelligence term for an operative who uses romance and sex to snare valuable targets. Loomer was not pulling this out of nowhere.

Enter the Dossier. There is a dossier circulating, developed by a trusted source with intelligence experience, and it is all culled from information freely in the public domain. Loomer stated that she was in possession of a copy and was basing her twitter storm on the information within that document. After that interview, an independent source contacted me to provide me with a copy. It will no doubt become either in part or full, available soon however, I can confirm that it details Mirahmadi’s extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and her observant sharia compliant history.

Who is Hedieh Mirahmadi and what is her real agenda? Is she an “agent of influence” – an intelligence term for a person who works within the government of a target country to influence national policy?  Sharia law and the US Constitution are completely incompatible. So how can one who is sharia compliant say at the same time on her twitter bio that she “live and breathe protecting the US homeland”?

It’s complicated.  Which is why this story is gaining traction.




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