Mainstream Media is InBred!

Is anyone else tired of seeing cable news networks creating show after show featuring their own anchors and reporters? This is a very untoward phenomenon proliferating across all of the networks like FoxNews, CNN, FoxBusiness, and MSNBC. It is actually consistent with their propensity to make up news for ratings, which is essentially yellow journalism. Fabricating, lying, embellishing facts or events with talking heads that are no more informed or expert than the general public is what mainstream media is all about.

When the model is to make up news or repackage information to perpetuate a biased narrative, both of which are designed to spoon feed the public, this creates faux celebrities by featuring their own pundits, reporters, and “contributors” over and over again until their recognizability begins to create and justify celebrity. This is not by accident. Cable news is all about faux branding to generate ad sponsors. By creating faux celebrities with their own people, they are creating a fake branding for as long as they can milk it. Some examples include Fox’s “The Five,” comprised of five people who are on a number of other shows throughout the week interviewing politicians, public persons of interest, and yes, you get it, each other! And then there is “The Specialists,” another group of already employed Fox pundits who, for the life of me, do not reflect any element of specialization in anything. The “poster child” show for this could be “Media Buzz” hosted by a liberal media bon vivant Howie Kurtz who regurgitates the week in the eyes of the media…which is more about repackaging the week’s fake news media garbage. And this is a show?

CNN tries to disguise the inbreeding of a show like “State of the Union” biweekly show with the tag, “Interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy — covering Washington, the country and the world — delivering a unique and comprehensive look at what matters most to you.” Nothing could be further from the truth. But CNN as well as the other mainstream establishment elite media are not in the business of fact gathering or truth telling. Yes, a politician or outside expert is occasionally sprinkled into the mix but the main players are the same faces, under CNN contracts, that are force fed to viewers over and over. Self-avowed communist and now whitewashed “moderate” Van Jones, Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, former politician liberal Democrat Jason Kander are recycled day after day and the list goes on.

To deepen the inbreeding and create a façade that there are differences between establishment Republicans and the Institutional Left, both FoxNews and the more generally liberal outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have “experts” and pundits from the opposing political side. And they the trade visibility of theses faux celebrities across networks. After watching former State Department spox Marie Harf lie her entire way through the Iran Deal including the $1.7 billion gift to Iran courtesy of Barack Obama, we now see her as a “contributor” on FoxNews.

All of this inbreeding and further development and entrenchment of the Democrat-Media Complex, the press arm of the Institutional Left is about to explode by virtue of the Murdoch boys’ takeover of FoxNews. If you thought that FoxNews was the last bastion of a modicum of New Right friendly, America First agenda, or non-establishment conservativism, think again as explained in an article by NTED entitled, “FOX IS DEAD: Hardcore Liberal James Murdoch To Turn Fox News Into A ‘Global Brand’ Promoting ‘Progressive Values’

There’s a reason why lines for Tomi Lahren were around the block of the convention center or that someone like Charlie Kirk commanded over thousands at the 2017 Politicon. They didn’t show up to see mainstream media lying junk press personalities like Jake Tapper. People are hungry for a new and different media deliverable.

The time is now for the New Right, which is made up of many New Media personalities and forces, to create news distribution control houses: New Right Networks. It is time for more than just the presence of New Media calling out the fake news mainstream media on their fake stories, disregard for real news, and numerous collusions with the Institutional Left.

It is time for an entirely new network model. As New Media warrior Mike Cernovich has said, “My job as a journalist is to report on what is happening in the world, this is why millions respect my work and turn to me for insight.”

Let’s start there.

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