Killing Patriots: The Left’s Secret Strategy

The Left has a secret strategy for terrorizing anyone not like them. It’s an insidious yet powerful tool for turning wrong into right, absurd into rationalism.

After Representative Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed earlier this year by A man who thought he was carrying out the Democratic left wing mission of annihilating anyone on the right, it became apparent that the rhetoric by the Democrat media complex, which includes the entire left wing mainstream media, actually exhibits a cause-and-effect.

As the shocking pictures, video, and stories came in on the Las Vegas shooting massacre at a country music outdoor festival, numerous social justice warriors and other far left nut jobs actually became cheerleaders for the murder of flag waving American patriots. One of the most shocking was CBS legal executive, Haley Gettman Gold who publicly stated, “…I’m actually not sympathetic because country music fans are often republican gun toters.”

How many unknowns were emboldened by higher profile SJWs like “cryingcassie” whose brutal call for Trump supporters to be 6 feet under, like many, after privatizing her Twitter account forgot that the internet is forever.

And teachers have jumped onto the narrative, ratcheting up hatred and justification for killing conservatives and other American patriots in their students. InfoWars reported that teachers were praising the mass shooting because most of the victims were likely Trump supporters.

Documentary filmmaker, attorney, and national security reporter Mike Cernovich has recently called for dialing down the rhetoric by liberals and the mainstream media. Words have meaning to people, dog whistling is contagious, and people should not have to die by identity politics or for their political views. After someone on the left is attacked, we do not see people on the political right cheering, justifying, or calling for more injury or murder to those on the left. This is a particularly left wing liberal phenomenon that is growing.

For eight years, Obama missed a glorious opportunity as the first African-American president to bring together a collective wisdom from both sides, to turn the ship, to heal the country and start anew. Instead, he propagated deeper racial division and fanned the flames of the very tensions he highlighted.

It’s time to settle down as a nation. It’s time for the mainstream media and liberal politicians to stop inciting and justifying murder against those with different political views.

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