INNUENDO: The most potent weapon of the Democrat Media Complex!

Far more dangerous than an out and out lie, innuendo seeds a negative impression and or false belief. Most people can readily identify and reject a blatant lie but innuendo, a statement which indirectly suggests that someone has done something immoral or improper, is damaging to the truth on so many levels and in so many ways. One of the reasons for this is because innuendo, by createing doubt in the minds of people, has extremely long lasting effects. Even as the innuendo forms into a recognizable lie over time, the damage has already been done. Suggestions of nefarious activities or behaviors can damage someone’s reputation indelibly and indefinitely. Innuendo is absorbed and wicks into all future considerations and discussions. Disproving or countering rumorous statements is difficult precisely because they are vague and incomplete. They also Carrie an element of sensationalism that attracts people like moths to the light.

No one and no group is more effective at spreading poisonous innuendo then the Democrat Media Complex. In fact if you look carefully at headlines in the mainstream media there is frequent use of innuendo. In the movie, “Hating Breitbart,” Andrew is seen calling. out Max Blumenthal, son of Hillary Clinton operative Sid Blumenthal at CPAC, for trying to destroy people’s lives with innuendo.

Democratic politicians are also masters of the innuendo in attempts to create doubt and foment fear and resistance against the Trump administration and anyone outside the mainstream media. And for a long time it worked as the establishment Republicans sad by in weakness and unexplainable silence.

Recently New Media journalists like Mike Cernovich as well as outlets like Business Insider revealed how CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski ruined the lives of innocent people like Justine Sacco, Sunil Tripathi, and numerous others with a toxic mixture of innuendo and lies. His tweet was seen by 80,000 people before authorities corrected the smears with the truth. But the damage was already done.

We now have to sift through more than just lies from the mainstream media…we have to sort through the insidiousness of innuendo thrown irresponsibly into a tweet, an article or a speech like a molotov cocktail.

But I have faith in the awakening of the People and in the unstoppable New Media rising.

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