FOXNEWS is NOT Conservative


FoxNews fired Eric Bolling.

He suffered the fate of predecessors Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly—both stalwart and successful conservatives by any number of metrics. How could FoxNews be bleeding conservatives you ask?

We have all witnessed the growing evolution over the last few years of the tone and tenor of the stories and pundit views at Fox sliding over to the Left.  Have you noticed the once fiercely conservative and devotedly patriotic Stuart Varney increasingly sniping at some of the President’s actions or statements that he once found powerful and infuential?

It is not your imagination. Your first clue was the disappearance of their “Fair and Balanced” motto which was replaced with “Most Watched, Most Trusted.” Yeah, right.

What we are actually witnessing is the manifestation of liberal takeover and cannibalism : the process by which an entity destroys itself by killing o its own inner parts. In self- cannibalism the entity eventually eats itself to death. I predict that it is a business risk destined to fail. The last thing the marketplace needs is another progressive propaganda mule for the institutional Left

Meet the Murdoch boys, James and Lachlan, the ultra liberal sons of 21st Century Fox owner Rupert Murdoch. This little alt-Left billionaire cabal is executing an intentional systematic conversion of FoxNews from the once well-known conservative news outlet into yet another cog in the wheel of the Democratic Media Complex—the Institutional Left of which both James and Lachlan Murdoch so revere. The New York Times reported in April 2017 that the brothers replaced their father’s Republican lobbying chief with a Democratic one.

Let’s take a look at how this all began. Papa Murdoch, although a liberal himself, was willing to compromise culture for the financial rewards of running a conservative news network.  He saw the potential value of a conservative news network with little competition. Money is money, right? Maybe not.  Once he handed over the reins to his two ultra liberal sons, they declared war on conservative news and decided they were going to transform FoxNews into something with more “corporate responsibility.” Add to that the climate change hysteria of James’ wife Kathryn, who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative and openly expresses her disdain for the President on social media, and you have a recipe for Barack Obama’s version of media hope and change. The Murdochs are Clinton Foundation hacks determined to turn FoxNews into a progressive propaganda machine through a covert and clever Alinsky tactic: removal by smearing the surviving conservatives into elimination.

Getting Ailes and O’Reilly out were only the first steps in removing huge barriers and expediting this nefarious plan. Their ousters expedited the transformation, and because it worked so well, they utilized the same approach to attempt a take down of Sean Hannity and Charles Payne.  While both conservative icons fought back and won a reprieve, Bolling was not so lucky. And other well known conservatives like Varney and Jesse Watters, establishment hacks like Dana Perino, “diluted” conservatives like Gregg Guttfeld, and left wing loons like Juan Williams and Marie Harf are all part of a subtle but continuous leftward shift. Are they being pressured from the top to go along to get along? Selling out?

Nevertheless, it appears we have a pattern here. The NY Times article described the process the Murdochs are using to take down their internal conservatives, something Andrew Breitbart called destruction by innuendo:

“It doesn’t matter if O’Reilly or Ailes did or didn’t do the things they are accused of—no trial has occurred, no evidence has been released, no investigators’ conclusions shared—their real guilt is that people believe they could have.”

The Murdoch boys have a formula:

This rising liberal creep at Fox is characterized by a majority of left-wing pundits, deep state and Obama holdovers in high profile positions, and a pervasive invasion by the establishment narrative. What are people like Marie Harf, former state department spokesperson under Obama, who lied to our faces about the Iran deal, doing there as a regular “Fox news contributor?” It is also obvious that the conservative tone and tenor among the resident conservative anchors and pundits seems to be growing  more and more diluted by equivocation and agreement with their left-wing on air colleagues.

Note to Murdochs: The public isn’t buying it. In fact the more you attempt to make it look like you’re just cleaning up an old dirty house, the angrier people get.

Note to the public: The best way to stick it to them is to stop watching and/or cancel cable. It’s the only language they understand. Just purchase internet and stream your favorite shows without this corporate globalist-driven cabal force feeding you fake news and other forms of propaganda.

In the meantime, the vacuum is now open for real conservative news networks to spring up especially through the New Media movement. Who is next for the Fox chopping block? Hannity again? Tucker Carlson? Lou Dobbs? Jesse Watters?

Beware gentlemen…know the playbook.

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