I am here on the ground in DC and I have access to numerous sources, friends in the White House, and many people who are helping to form policy for our nation. In my 7 years in DC I have developed countless contacts that have interlocking connections to those sources too. What Dr. Jane’s DC TV show and Blog will bring you is an insider’s look of events and people that are intriguing and fun!

We are off to a new year in 2019 and I have plenty to say about what is happening in our city literally and symbolically so stay tuned for much more coming your way. I will be at CPAC this year (Feb 27 – Mar 2)- doing some live broadcasting, interviewing, and making some announcements for this upcoming year.

Don’t forget to check out my articles posted here in my website and grab a copy of my book, “A Sea of New Media” that shows you how you can bring back truth to the news!

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