3 Social Media Tips for New Right Candidates

I am observing examples of New Right conservative candidates missing huge opportunities in getting their messaging out in social media.

Make no mistake: If you are running or contemplating running for a 2018 or 2020 position and you’re not executing a dedicated social media plan of activities every day, I am here to tell you that you will fight an uphill communication battle against opponents that are. Here’s a great example that applies no matter what state or jurisdiction. In the 2017 race for Virginia General Assembly, America First & pro Trump agenda candidate Robert G. Marshall has all the right values and purpose in his campaign however he has a limp, lukewarm Twitter account. In the current climate with President Trump’s latest transgender ban in the military and given the pro Trump majorities that supported Corey Stewart and the President you would think that a pro Trump candidate would easily be able to pick up steam against a radical left transgender person. Take a look at his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/robertgmarshall?lang=en

Here is the issue

1. There is almost indiscernible reference to his campaign

2. His banner is devoid of any excitement — no mention of his platform or theme

3. His last tweet was 2 weeks ago as of this writing

4. His tweets are merely a link to a blog with equally lackluster writings and little about his campaign

5. No mention of WHY people should vote for him

6. No driving home of his campaign positions

7. No driving messages of why his opponent is wrong for Virginia General Assembly

His opponent Danica Roem’s Twitter account (Here is her Twitter account https://twitter.com/pwcdanica?lang=en) by contrast is doing the following:

1. Splashes her campaign and her positions for the County on her Twitter banner

2. She tweets many times a day

3. Her tweets are related to what she will do for her constituency

4. She tweets critiques her opponent Bob Marshall’s voting record

5. Her twitter site is dynamic and fresh with communication

6. She tells voters what she will do

7. She’s tweeting why her opponent is not right for the position

Roem has twice the number of followers as Marshall. True, she has garnered donations and other support from a nation-wide base with an agenda to shove TG candidates into government positions but this doesn’t negate Marshall’s absence of any viable social media presence. The same contrast can be drawn from their Facebook pages as well. Marshall doesn’t even mention in his headers that he is running for Delegate! This is not a slam on Mr. Marshall, whose platform I support by the way, it is a call to action — a chance to avoid a significant “missed opportunity” before it’s too late.

Disregard the importance of using social media at your own peril.

3 Social Media Tips for Our Candidates:

1. Get a social media person to run it if you don’t have the time or expertise

2. Tweet everyday and often within the day to drive your messages to voters

3. Tweet and ReTweet about the issues you stand for — it brings life to your campaign and grows followers = exposure

The magic of social media is its EXPONENTIAL reach!

Social media IS real media.

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