2018 is a blink away

I want to encourage everyone to focus on that thought relative to their state and local elections. Why?

Because there is no difference between an establishment Republican and the Institutional Left.

The movement that President Trump ushered forward and into the White House is going to require candidates with the New Right mindset. Candidates must be vetted on this. Andrew Breitbart said “You’re either America or you’re Occupy” (Occupy was the term of the day for the Institutional Left).

The 2016 Presidential election cycle revealed numerous conservative and other Right leaning Americans as NeverTrumpers, a term that captured those who claimed they would never accept Donald Trump as their nominee or President. This was in direct defiance of the will of the voter. It’s one thing to voice your opinion and while everyone in a party is not expected to like their party’s candidate, they shouldn’t join the opposition in concerted efforts to destroy the candidacy. Recall the Gang of 22, a little band of conservatives at The National Review who used their visibility and platform to attempt a coup against the impending nomination of then candidate Donald Trump. Many like Dana Loesch, Katy Pavlich and Rich Lowry now make hundreds of thousands of dollars espousing President Trump’s agenda.

But make no mistake, there were no epiphanies and no disavowing the fact that they tried to cannibalize their own party candidate. Word to the wise: Know who you are speaking with, research their past positions and be certain that their agenda aligns with the movement. During the 2016 down ballot and spring primaries plenty of Republican conservative candidates appeared to support the America First agenda however a simple dig into their past social media revealed their NeverTrump activities.

We have a challenge on the Right, which is to sort out who is who, even those within our party and who claim to be on the Right. We must ferret out the Republican/Conservatives who were Obama lackeys, NeverTrumpers, and establishment mules from those who are the America First movement. Otherwise we will have representatives that will be working in direct opposition to our values of smaller government and individual liberty. Establishment lackeys like Paul Ryan quote Ayn Rand but legislatively love Karl Marx. Beware

This movement doesn’t end with President Trump’s election. We need as many down ballot New Right, America First movement-mindset candidate wins as possible.

Like our lives depend on it.

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